Dienstag, 18. September 2012

Macho - Perfect Kaos Mix

Stilrichtung: Breaks

Macho - Perfect Kaos Mix by machobreak

colombo - hanss [iBreaks]
ftampa, daft punk, elite force - der collossus [free]
under this - rhythm is dope [iBreaks[
primal scream, elite force, deadmau5 - come together [free]
beat muffin style - apple jack (macho remix) [breaks.sk]
synthetic hype vs. chubby chaser - get down [diablo loco]
charlie kane - neuron flow [vim records]
too dusty feat. malicia gil - insane [hard & hits]
boonos - gonad [broken robot records]
arma,odissi - ostem [ayra recordings]
hyper feat. axe girl - the end (beatman and ludmilla remix) [ayra recordings]

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